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Ukrainian Poppy Seed Plyatsok, or Poppy Seed Cake

Пляцок з маком та ніжним кольоровим суфле

We prepared this plyatsok for Easter and till I have time and inspiration I will share with you the recipe of a nice, tasty, soft, and light cake made of souffle and poppy. To tell the truth, I was going to present this recipe long time ago but there was no occasion for that. The situation is different now, since I hope that a new cake recipe will definitely stand somebody in good stead before the holidays.

This cake may be more colourful if to use two table jellies of different colours instead of two rosy ones. I used what I had at home, thus both the upper and the lower layers are pink. Both the souffle and the poppy pie shell – which absorbs moisture from the souffle – are just melting. Welcome those interested to the recipe :).

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Poppy Seed Roll, the same as Ukrainian Makivnyk

Ukrainain Makivnyk, or poppy seed roll, or poppy seed roulade (roulette) – I’ve found a lot of names for this delicious pastry. It may be considered to be classical pastry for Easter. Roulettes are traditionally baked of yeast dough with various and sundry stuffings in Ukraine. In most cases they are filled with poppy, nuts, cottage cheese, apples, and cherries.

But today we will dwell upon poppy seed :). In order to knead yeast dough for the roulette we use the recipe of paska without raisins. If you bake paska for Easter on your own, you can bake a rolled cake at the same time but don’t forget to knead more dough. Poppy stuffing is recommended for 0.5 kg flour.

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